Day Three(ish): Tate Modern Ponder

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I’m in a mammoth cathedral whose halls dwarf any concept of modern architecture, or some holy space, listening to Gregorian chants and choirs singing: men, women, children. I can see their faces up close with such intimacy and detail–the large pouched cheeks of an Italian man, his throat puffing out like a frog, producing the deep tones of an alto. A small child, harmonizing perfectly with him. It is a place, regardless of religious background, that one is in awe. One can forgive the problems and corruption of organized religion and find the goodness and purpose in faith or spirituality.


Edible Thoughts: Cinnamon Honey Banana Bread

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The thing I love about most breads  is that you can add whatever your little (or big?) heart desires. Here I used whole-grain flour, as I think it often compliments breads like banana and pumpkin by giving it a richer flavor. I also added honey, extra cinnamon, brown sugar, and apple sauce (substitute for butter/oil)…. and semi-sweet chocolate chips because it’s freaking chocolate.

Edible Thoughts: Snickerdoodles

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Do we hyphenate Snickerdoodle now (what up AP style changing up email all the time)? As much as I love grammar I don’t even care if we do or don’t now, because hyphenation doesn’t affect the taste of these grammatically and semantically perplexing cookies of deliciousness.

I will give you ten dollars if you can discover how these scrumptious cinnamon-ly soft cookies received their name, without using your Googling power. As I tell my students, in this context, Google is cheating.

On Social Media and Communication

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(Before reading on, know that I already am familiar with the meta-like-irony of saying I dislike social media on social media. That’s actually part of the problem. Social Media is useful.)

I was sitting down at a coffee shop the other day when I peered over the edge of my book to spot a young couple. Being the people watcher and lover of human interaction that I am, I was intrigued. They seemed to be on one of those awkward-but-adorable first lunch kinda dates. But something was not so adorable. As the man pulled out the chair for his date, she promptly sat down and, before a word of thanks could leave her lips, she pulled out her cellphone and began texting. From what I could tell while also trying to avoid creeper status, that cellphone never left her hand. In order to avoid awkwardness in silence, the guy eventually did the same thing and the smile he held from cheek to cheek slowly dimmed away into emptiness.

Hands-on with the Elder Scrolls Online and Interview with Creative Director Paul Sage

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Katy Goodman dances in the streets of Daggerfall, participates in a Harvest Festival gone wrong, tanks some evil bugs, and chats with creative director Paul Sage—all with her partner in crime, Robyn Miller.

**Note: Happy Sunday everyone! There may be a slight delay in my up-and-coming E3 articles, as I am currently on vacation with family; as much as I love writing, a glass of wine and the beach are calling my name. So for now, here is my quick write-up from Save Game about our hands-on time with the Elder Scrolls Online. Robyn previously wrote an article on our experience that was hosted on TESO’s official Facebook page, so be sure to check that out as well! It is fantastic and truly captures the detail of the world we explored.

WildStar: Confessions of an Ex-WoW Player

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Thanks to both my dad and my brother, I grew up playing RTS games like Starcraft, Age of Empires, Total Annihilation, and Warcraft. In 2004, when the MMORPG World of Warcraft was released, I jumped at the opportunity to actually be a part of a the Warcraft lore that I had come to enjoy so much. Namoria, my feral druid (a nightelf gone tauren), became part of my online identity.

Growing Pains: Lara Croft’s Heroic Revival

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Much like  Becky Chambers, who wrote an amazing article on the new Tomb Raider for “The Mary Sue,” I too had conflicting views with Lady Lara Croft. I was seven years old when I came across my first female role model (my mother aside), Lara Croft. Given my age, I didn’t really understand the plot of the original Tomb Raider. But what I did know was that I was playing a strong female lead for the first time. From Link, Mario, and Cloud I was always a man rescuing a woman or saving the world… or both. The concept of video games providing predominantly male protagonists never really hit home until I played as Lady Croft for the first time. She made me realize that woman can have a place in the gaming world, and that women were just as capable of saving the world as men were.