An Interview with Greg Kasavin: Transistor’s New Build, Design, and Narrative Direction

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Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin talks about Transistor’s build, design, and narrative direction.

In 2011 Supergiant Games rocked the indie scene with their critically acclaimed action role-playing game, Bastion. As their first title, the game provided players with a touching experience through a vibrant environment and an amusing (and somewhat enigmatic) narrator who called out their every move. This year, Supergiant announced their next title,Transistor, a game we have been adamantly following since its first reveal at PAX East.Transistor, which appears to be a spiritual relative of Bastion, follows the story of a young woman named Red and the Transistor, a sword that aids her in combating the totalitarian entity known as the Process. Though we still know little about the narrative, the culmination of art direction, music, and gameplay provides a sense of where the game is going; compared to BastionTransistor seems to be taking on a slightly darker theme.

Catching my Breath: E3 “Hangovers,” Highlights and PAX on the Horizon


Holy moly. I haven’t done a personal update in forever. E3 was well over a month ago and I am finally starting to feel like I am caught up.

Or I thought I was. One of the largest things I learned from E3 this year is that when everything is said and done, it’s not really said and done.