The Bright Side


If aliens, thousands of years from now, looked over the data we place on the internet each day–I think they would all agree upon the theory that the world ended in 2016.

“Look at all of those Facebook posts,” they would scoff empathetically at our misery.

“The tweets,” they would say. “They literally destroyed themselves from within.”

And there, within the reflection of us, will lay pessimism alongside fear, anger, and hatred. Gone will be our great inventions. Our ability to forget the shackles of our feet and fly. To break barriers and tear assumptions asunder. Oh no, we did nothing. We have no grace. Humans are barbarians. Cannibals.


Social Media and Cabaret


Let me start by saying it’s not the medium, it’s me (…how every bad breakup occurs in the history of humanity. Yeah!).

Social media can be an undeniably useful tool.

But it can be dangerously addictive for an extroverted introvert.

I’ve been on social media for a long time now. If we’re going to include sites like Myspace here, then I’ve been on it since middle school. I can remember the hours I spent on it, trying to make myself look cool for all my friends–hours I didn’t spend getting to know myself because I was too busy trying to become who my friends were. Who I thought they wanted me to be.

On Social Media and Communication

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(Before reading on, know that I already am familiar with the meta-like-irony of saying I dislike social media on social media. That’s actually part of the problem. Social Media is useful.)

I was sitting down at a coffee shop the other day when I peered over the edge of my book to spot a young couple. Being the people watcher and lover of human interaction that I am, I was intrigued. They seemed to be on one of those awkward-but-adorable first lunch kinda dates. But something was not so adorable. As the man pulled out the chair for his date, she promptly sat down and, before a word of thanks could leave her lips, she pulled out her cellphone and began texting. From what I could tell while also trying to avoid creeper status, that cellphone never left her hand. In order to avoid awkwardness in silence, the guy eventually did the same thing and the smile he held from cheek to cheek slowly dimmed away into emptiness.