The Sound of Supergiant Games: An Interview with Darren Korb

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Following Transistor’s new build at PAX Prime, Katy Goodman and Robyn Miller talk with audio director Darren Korb about music in games, inspiration, and are even joined by a special guest.

(Article published on SaveGame.)

At PAX Prime I had the pleasure of getting some hands-on time with the new build of Transistor, Supergiant Games’ spiritual successor to their title Bastion. Though little changed in terms of the actual level within the demo, it was an entirely different beast in terms of how it came together as an overall experience. I’m always amazed to see how small subtleties can completely change the way in which we view games—this is something that we witness even in “next-gen” graphics, which use the smallest of environmental aesthetics, such as shadows and lighting, to create titles that brush the rim of reality. But, in the context of the current Transistor build, what truly caught me off-guard was the difference the soundtrack made in the overall emotional appeal of the title. With music,Transistor went from feeling like a game in development to a completed entity that had a voice of its own (despite its protagonist’s lack of one).

An Interview with Greg Kasavin: Transistor’s New Build, Design, and Narrative Direction

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Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin talks about Transistor’s build, design, and narrative direction.

In 2011 Supergiant Games rocked the indie scene with their critically acclaimed action role-playing game, Bastion. As their first title, the game provided players with a touching experience through a vibrant environment and an amusing (and somewhat enigmatic) narrator who called out their every move. This year, Supergiant announced their next title,Transistor, a game we have been adamantly following since its first reveal at PAX East.Transistor, which appears to be a spiritual relative of Bastion, follows the story of a young woman named Red and the Transistor, a sword that aids her in combating the totalitarian entity known as the Process. Though we still know little about the narrative, the culmination of art direction, music, and gameplay provides a sense of where the game is going; compared to BastionTransistor seems to be taking on a slightly darker theme.