Way Home: I am Too Tired so Stream of Consciousness


I’m struggling to keep my eyes open on my train back to London, in some state of limbo, trying to reflect on the last two weeks. Even after enduring the sleep of the dead the previous night, my body had to fight the fervent, eager, desire for more.

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Day Zero: Timber to an Open Flame

Day Zero: Timber to an Open Flame

Airplanes are amazing; humans can fly while watching movies and accessing Wi-Fi. Emphasis on the flying part, because we are literally defying the limitations of our own biology by doing that. How freaking cool. These are my ever-so-eloquent thoughts as I sit staring out the window, watching the other planes dance a spiral in the approach to Heathrow; I’ve grown up in a family associated with planes and the airlines, and regardless of how much I fly, I am still very much in awe of these flying machines. The moments at dusk when you cannot tell which direction the sky is in. The descent through layers of clouds. The curve of the earth.

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On the Man with One Arm

On the Man with One Arm

I blame my parents for my absurd curiosity and wonderment about the world.

What horrible things to instill upon a child.

Both of them flew for Delta… my dad a pilot and my mom a flight attendant. Their conversations of love and life were like something out of the movies. They met in an airport in Miami and among tales of convertibles catching fire and almost ingesting engagement rings in champagne they embraced each other and their exploration of culture. I remember day dreaming to my dad’s stories—seeing the Northern Lights from the cockpit of a 747, watching the sunrise over the equator, base jumping in South America, meeting amazing individuals who all had their own stories to tell. He described these seemingly esoteric moments in a way that made me feel like I was there, floating in the sky. With his words I could close my eyes and feel like a part of everything.

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The City of Lights

The City of Lights

“WHAT IS A POST ABOUT NEW YORK DOING IN THE NATURE SECTION, KATY!?” You ask, somewhat violently amidst  your perplexion.

Fear not, dear reader. You will soon either realize that my mind makes zero sense, or that perhaps cities have a lot to do with nature.

I recently traveled to New York City on a trip that was half-based around the identity journey of being in my mid-20’s and wholly-based on networking interviews with publishers. At one point in my life, working as an editor at a prestigious publishing company sounded like a dream-job. I pictured myself bustling around the streets of Soho, grabbing sushi for lunch before returning to work–helping authors perfect the worlds I lost myself in in as a child, and perhaps eventually creating one of those worlds myself. Continue reading “The City of Lights”