2Player: Time to Get Hyped for Destiny

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Without further ado, here is inaugural episode of Ryan Winslett and I’s new podcast hosted by Cinema Blend…. but it’s WRITTEN. Because why not check to see if people actually read anymore, am I right? This week’s focus is on Destiny:

There’s no denying that Destiny is shaping up to be one of the biggest launches of the year, set to arrive on PlayStation and Xbox home consoles on Sept. 9. The PlayStation beta begins this Thursday, with the Xbox crowd joining in on the fun just one week later. In other words, the whole world is about to find out whether or not the folks at Bungie, developers of the Halo series, are able to deliver on their promise to mix first-


Titanfall Beta: First Impressions

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Wall running and jumping, massive robots, and a fast-paced shooter have been blended together in a gorgeous narrative of strategic gameplay that never fails to lose speed.

(Article published on Cinema Blend.)

What do you get when you mix Mirror’s Edge, Mech Warrior, and the FPS genre together? Utter chaos, one would think. And yet Respawn’s Titanfall seems to be the successful marriage of all of these. Wall running and jumping, massive robots, and a fast-paced shooter have been blended together in a gorgeous narrative of strategic gameplay that never fails to lose speed. In creating a new IP, Respawn was absurdly bright in that they didn’t pull as much from the traditional FPS games like Halo or Call of Duty as they did from other titles. The FPS genre, after all, has been losing its originality. The majority of the hype around the Titanfall stems from the idea that people are growing tired of the incessant monotony of FPS formulas. But was all of the hype worth it?

After playing the beta, I would say it’s completely justified.

The Witcher 3: Wildhunt–E3 Demo and Interview with Designer Jonas Mattsson

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 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of E3’s most anticipated titles, is the final installment of CD Projekt Red’s award-winning The Witcher RPG series. The first two games are renowned for their gripping storytelling, and this appears to remain true for their successor.
“The most important part of The Witcher 3 is the story,” says CD Projekt Red’s environmental designer, Jonas Mattsson, as we sit in a dark room awaiting the 45 minute long hands-off game play demo. “We are creating a branching storyline that gives true consequences to decisions.”

Xbox One: What About All the Gamers?

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In retrospect, I don’t really have anything to take away from the Xbox Reveal conference yesterday. With that being said, let me make it clear that I don’t blame the system; in fact, I think the system looks great. I blame the way Microsoft handled the overall conference.

An article from Gamefront.com called it a bunch of “hot air,” and despite my love of Microsoft and Xbox, I agree. Aside from Xbox One’s capability to turn your living room into the “ultimate all-in-one, entertainment system,” the press release was not very informative; what little information we did learn about the system was convoluted. It is within this ambiguity that I found fault it in Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the next Xbox. We have been left with little clarity about how the issue of used-games will be approached, how accounts will transfer over, how the perma-kinect will work, or how internet connectivity will be handled. As of now it seems as if used games will be purchasable, but with the added code required it will end up costing the same as new game… because, you know, that makes total sense.